Our Family History

One of the great American gourmet brands was cooked up during the late 1800's in the Pacific Northwest.​

A green-fingered gardener, Grandmother Dickinson cultivated berry patches and groves at her family homestead in the Willamette Valley. When the fruit matured to the peak of ripeness and flavor, Grandmother Dickinson commenced "putting up" hundreds of jars of mouthwatering homemade preserves. Her secret family recipe, relying on slow kettle cooking and a generous hand with sun-ripened fruit, was shared with friends and family.​

Word slowly spread: the best preserves this side of the Mississippi could be found at the Dickinson place. Keeping up with demand soon required a more expansive approach.​

The seeds of a small business were sown in 1897, and all the Dickinson family lent a hand. Through the years, our touch with fruit transformed the preserves from a regional favorite to a national gourmet brand.​

Even into the 1960's, many of the same homespun methods and recipes originated by Grandmother Dickinson were still in use. Now a brand of The J.M. Smucker Company, we continue our long-standing tradition of excellence.​

You can count on Dickinson's® products to bring you exciting new upscale gourmet treats, luscious new flavors and exciting new tastes.​

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